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Infertility 101 at Houston Obstetrics & Gynecology 

Infertility is a distressing experience for couples, but you don’t have to face it alone. Your gynecologist can help you navigate the process of coping with infertility and find a treatment that helps you start or grow your family. Today, infertility treatments are more useful than ever before, so more couples can successfully have babies. If you are experiencing infertility in Houston, our experienced medical team at Houston Obstetrics & Gynecology can help.


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Who is at Risk for Infertility and How Do We Diagnose? 

Many women in the Houston area and beyond may not know if they are at risk before they start trying to have a baby. Thankfully you have a friend in the medical profession to help get you the information needed before you decide to get pregnant. Women who are under or overweight should take this into consideration as they are at higher risk for miscarriages. Those who smoke cigarettes and over-consume alcohol are at an even higher risk, especially if paired with weight issues. If you can achieve pregnancy, then it is imperative to set up appointments with our expert staff for the proper care. There are also tests we can run to see if infertility treatments are right for you:

  • Blood Tests: We use these to evaluate your hormone levels
  • Biopsies: We can study the inside of your uterine wall to evaluate further
  • Ovarian Reserve Testing: We find the amount and quality of eggs ready for ovulation
  • Imaging Studies: Our team uses pelvic ultrasound or hysterosonography to examine your fallopian tubes and uterus better
  • Hysterosalpingography: Contrast fluids and x-rays help our medical team identify any blockages in your fallopian tubes
  • Laparoscopic Evaluation: We use a small tube with a camera to help us inspect any abnormalities with your reproductive organs

When Should You Seek Help with Infertility?

If after a year of trying to pregnant you do not have any success, you should reach out to Houston Obstetrics & Gynecology for some help with potential infertility. Our professionals will help with diagnosis after our initial consultation. There are other signs you should come in even if you haven’t waited a year. If you are facing any of the following situations, it is best to reach out for our medical suggestions and assistance:

  • Have you reached your late 30s and tried to get pregnant for six months?
  • Are your menstrual cycles infrequent or not happening at all?
  • If they do come, are they extremely painful?
  • Do you have a known history of infertility?
  • Are you currently experiencing pelvic inflammatory disease or endometriosis?
  • Have you had a miscarriage before?
  • Do you have cancer, and have you ever used radiation or other drugs for treatment?
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Don’t Wait 12 Months to See Us About Infertility

Infertility is usually defined as being unable to conceive and maintain a pregnancy after 12 months of trying. However, this doesn’t mean you have to wait for 12 months before seeing your gynecologist if you are concerned about your condition. By seeing your gynecologist as soon as you become worried there could be a problem, you can learn valuable information about treatment options. This way, you’ll know what steps you’ll take next if you do reach the 12-month mark.

How Infertility is Treated Houston Obstetrics & Gynecology

If you are diagnosed with infertility, this doesn’t mean you are incapable of giving birth to your child. Thanks to advancements in the medical field, Houston Obstetrics & Gynecology can help those women experiencing infertility by administering fertility drugs to stimulate and regulate your ovulation cycles. If intrauterine polyps or scar tissue are preventing you from pregnancy, we can help there as well with minimally invasive surgeries to have them removed. We also offer a couple of different assisted insemination options for those still having difficulties.

In vitro fertilization (IVF): We begin this procedure by obtaining healthy and matured eggs from your body and then injecting them with healthy sperm from the male. We fertilize them at our clinic in Houston, TX and once the eggs have accepted them, you will come back to have them injected within three to five days.

Intrauterine insemination (IUI): This procedure has us collect and concentrate the sperm from the male and place it directly into your uterus after your body has released mature eggs to be fertilized. We can pair this with other methods such as fertility drugs in the cycle with the menstruating period.

When to Schedule a Consultation

If one or both partners are over the age of 35, you may want to see your gynecologist after six months of trying to conceive. If you or your partner is over the age of 40, or if you have known fertility issues, you may want to schedule a consultation before you start trying. Houston Obstetrics & Gynecology is here to help you both achieve your pregnancy goals. We have been helping families in the Houston, TX area for many years and have studied all techniques new and old to help develop a personalized care plan. Reach out to our clinic today if you have further questions and to set up your initial consultation.

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